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Silver Linings

For this Author Monday we welcome Priscilla Kissinger, three time Golden Heart finalist and an author to watch. Welcome Priscilla!

2012 Golden Heart Finalist Priscilla Kissinger

Many many moons ago I finaled for the first time in the RWA Golden Heart® contest and was blessed to become part of a fabulous group of ladies known as the Wet Noodle Posse. I was much younger, much wetter behind the ears and not sure of how to make the most of my flash of success in the writing industry.

Several years later I finaled again, and became a member of the Pixies, another supportive group of ladies. But life had other priorities for me, and writing was once again set aside for other obligations.

Flash forward to 2012…my life is again in transition, but for the past 2 years I’ve been able to focus more on my writing. Make it more of a priority. And truth be told, my writing, my writing friends, my newfound commitment to my craft….well, they’ve all helped to keep me focused on the positives life can offer rather than the negative aspects I’m wading through.

So when the call came from RWA board member and fellow Wet Noodle Posse member Terry McLaughlin ( letting me know my latest manuscript was a 2012 Golden Heart ® finalist (, I heard the gates of heaven clang open and a choir of angels began to sing “Hallelujah!”

Okay, not really. I was substitute teaching at a local junior high so it was actually the lunch bell ringing and a pack of adolescents jabbering away in the hall. But in my imagination, it was all heaven and angels. J

So while I struggled to contain my giddiness, inside the butterflies zoomed in my chest, my heart sped up its pace, and my body literally shivered with excitement.

Many of us toil for years and years with little validation for our efforts. Writing is a solitary endeavor. Well, it can be unless you take the time to make connections with fellow authors. So you join groups like RWA, attend your local chapter meetings, travel to conferences… all so you can meet other people like you—those who speak to invisible characters like they’re real, create their own imaginary worlds, and speak the same romance lingo consisting of terms like GMC, point of view, and Big Black Moments.

Being a Golden Heart ® finalist for the third time is a blessing. And for me, it couldn’t have come at a better moment. A time when I needed to hear that my efforts haven’t been in vain. That if I keep on plugging away, my day in the sun will come.

Maybe I’m slogging through a difficult time right now in some areas, but there’s a silver lining around my world if I look close enough and pay attention, and that’s all I’ve got to focus on.

How about you? Any silver linings you care to share? Any light at the end of the tunnel moments that have pulled you through trying times?

The world of romance writing is all about happily ever afters. And some times, it’s all about the happily for right nows.

That’s what we have to celebrate. Well, that’s what I’m celebrating anyway. Care to join me?

Thanks for sharing your story, Priscilla. I admire your determination and wish you the best of luck in the final round!



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