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Not Enough Hours in the Day

I’m getting emails, Facebook messages, and tweets asking when the sequel will be released for Blame it on Texas. Right now, it’s looking like mid to late May. I’d hoped to have it ready earlier, but life has a way of knocking well-planned goals aside. Between family obligations and a very ill dog, I’m getting about four hours of sleep a night. I write from midnight to 4 am, sleep until 8, and get up to clean house, do the blog and promo stuff, clean more (mother is coming to visit for the whole month of May), spend time taking care of the dog and the hubby, more social media stuff, more cleaning, back to writing.

But the writing is only half of it. You write, you read and revise what you wrote the day before, you write more, etc. Once you finish, you read it through, you send it out to Beta readers, an editor, cover artist and you wait until they all get back to you. Then you do the edits and rewriting, read it again, send it back. In the meantime, while you’re waiting for the copy editor, you do another read-through, you format copies for the different outlets, and send it out for review,  Once everyone has sent feedback and you have your cover, you start the process of getting it up online.

I’m glad people are anxious for the sequel. I just want everyone to know I’m running (writing) as fast I can. While you’re waiting, I have 9 books and one novella collection available on Amazon. You can see them on my author page at or Just remember, Four Houses is not mine. It’s by YA author Victoria Scott, no relation.


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